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Property Management

Are you looking for someone to manage the property you own? Terry Flood can help you with any questions.


Each property is exposed through advertisements on local media, on our renters list, on our website as well as other website platforms.



Prospective renters are shown each property by licensed real estate agents, applicants are required to complete and submit a multiple page rental application accompanied by the full security deposit for the property in which they are applying, in addition to the application fee(s).

Applicants employment, salary, and present landlord references are all verified and analyzed. A credit report is obtained on the applicant. Income vs. Debt ratios are then calculated to determine applicants spendable income available for homes based on a HUD qualifying formula. An inspection walk through of all local applicants current residence is performed to determine house keeping habits and property care.

Monthly Management Services 


Rent Collection, supervision of maintenance and payment from property owners funds, disbursement of owners monthly rental proceeds, court appearances, move in and out inspections as required by Missouri Statutes, monthly and annual computer generated reports, security deposit returns after move out.




Our multiple page lease contact has been created based on our 40+ years of experience in property management and continually revised and updated to keep current with Missouri Statutes.


What to look forward too

Our full service management allows you freedom from the property and its management. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the benefits of ownership and collect the benefits as a property owner.

For More Information, Please Contact us at the following

Email :

Phone : 816-454-0200

Fax : 816-454-2914


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